Yellow Breeches Creek

Tip of the week 

With the high water conditions streamers are effective especially early and late in the day. Slow roll or swing Woolly Buggers or other favorites with an aggressive but short jerky motion. Go back later and work fish that were located with the streamer. Nymphs or dries may be appropriate here. Be aware of any insect activity if you are looking for dry fly action. Match the size of observed insects with ParaNymphs or caddis shapes.

Seven-day forecast 

The Yellow Breeches is still running pretty high and murky, falling slowly at Boiling Springs. It is fishable but use caution and a wading staff if you get in it. There could still be some sulphurs around but it's likely that they've peaked. Look for other cream colored mayflies like Grey Fox/Light Cahills and their spinners spinners flying around dark. Caddis in tan/grey, sizes 16 + or - could also be in the mix. Might see some #14-16 BWO's in the morning too. Hopefully we have a couple of dry days coming with some chance of T-storms, especially Friday/Saturday.

As Always, the Run at Boiling Springs is worth a few casts. Expect company there and elsewhere. Use tiny BWO nymphs and midge larva/pupa patterns and fish slowly and carefully. Might get a few in there on the I.C.S.I. Midge or a tiny F fly. Swear at if you like but the F stands for Fratnik, as in Marjan Fratnik, who invented this simple fly in Slovenia in the early 1980's.

While there are wild trout in the Yellow Breeches, some sections benefit greatly from supplemental stockings. For many years the Yellow Breeches Anglers have done an excellent job of stocking the C&R and other parts of the creek. If you fish the Breeches, you have likely caught some of their fish. Give something back and support them by joining the Club. Memberships are only $25 annually and are good for the calendar year.. Send check to YBAC, Box 1, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0001. Contributions to feed the fish are always welcome too.

If you see anyone fishing bait or attempting to snag fish in the C&R area or elsewhere for that matter, take a pic and call Southcentral Region office at (717) 486-7087. E-mail thoughts, good or bad, to PFBC Executive Director John Arway at For nefarious activity of a non-fishing nature call the Pennsylvania State Police at 717-243-4121.

Enjoy the fishing and please be courteous to other anglers. And if you get into some fish please don't put the location on the internet! General information is good! It always feels best when you earn it.

Must Have Flies 
Pale Morning Dun Thorax #14-16 Buy from
CDC Emerging Caddis gray/olive #14-18 Buy from
Woolly Bugger olive/black #4-8 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive #16-24 Buy from
Bead Head American Pheasant Tail #12-18 Buy from
T.H. Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa tan #12-16 Buy from
Tom Baltz/Endorsed Guide

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